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Sonnenleder Patina The unique Sonnenleder Patina

Carefully selected and tanned according to tradition handed down

Grains and slight color differences are unmistakable characteristics of genuine natural leather. The natural leather classic Old Germany (01 natural) is not dyed, its color tone is created by the time-honoured and elaborate manufacturing method that only a few tanners still master. The coloured sun leathers, on the other hand, are dyed through in the barrel. All leathers are breathable and the surface is left natural which guarantees the unique leather smell, the feel, the durability, the beautiful aging (the patina) with time. The more natural the surface, the more precious the leather.
Selected materials with traceable origin and short supply routes, German tanner art and traditional craftsmanship guarantee our first-class quality. It is important to us that you enjoy our products for a long time.


Genuine patina

Sun leather has retained its natural properties and requires little maintenance thanks to its high quality. You can leave the leather untreated and experience in use how the surface changes and becomes more beautiful over time. Sun, rain, environmental influences and everyday use change the color of the leather surface. Especially our natural leather classic (01 natural) reacts during the first walk in the rain with rain sprouts, which remain visible in the beginning. However, as the patina develops, a more uniform color surface forms with natural protection.

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  1. patina_neu-klein_01

    New natural leather

  2. patina_neu-klein_02

    After exposure to rain / transition to patina

  3. patina_neu-klein_03

    The Patina

Craftsmanship worlds away from mass production

The history of Sonnenleder began in 1986 with the idea of creating unique and sustainable products from genuine natural leather. To this day the name Sonnenleder stands for the very best craftsmanship that gives pleasure and enjoyment for a very long time.

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Good things need time and attention

Every Sonnenleder product embodies our values which have been cultivated over the years – use of the best, carefully selected natural materials, traditional craftsmanship, longevity and care in the use of resources.

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