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Product care All information about the care of your Sonnenleder product

Leather care – less is more

Sonnenleder leather has kept its natural characteristics and due to its high quality only requires little care. It is only necessary to grease or otherwise treat the leather in very seldom cases and any such intervention could even damage your Sonnenleder articles.
The following features are proof of authenticity and not signs of low quality:
When it comes into contact with moisture or sunlight, Sonnenleder leather initially becomes darker and subsequently acquires its characteristic patina – a surface that develops as part of the natural ageing process. The patina lends the leather its very own natural surface protection.
Our natural-coloured classic leather design “Old Germany” (natural 01) reacts to the first walk in the rain with “rain speckles”. You have the following options:

Before using for the first time

You can wipe the leather evenly with a damp, soft cloth. The leather first turns dark and a short time later becomes lighter. You can then wait for the first contact with rain and environmental effects with an easier mind. The development of the patina is speeded up by treating the leather in this way.

After the first contact with the weather / raindrops

Wipe the leather evenly with a damp, soft cloth. In both cases apply sufficient pressure and moisture so that the colour difference is no longer visible. Don’t worry, our leather is very patient. It first turns very dark and while drying becomes somewhat lighter and more evenly coloured. You can speed up the development of the patina by treating the leather in this way.
Please note that no care products such as grease, wax or other impregnation products should be used. These may only preserve its current condition.
The coloured Sonnenleder leathers also mature with use and time and develop their own natural patina. The ageing process is slightly less intense than with our undyed natural leather. Treatment as for undyed leather (01 natural) is not necessary.

In use

You have “time for leather”, when it reacts in exactly the same way when it is exposed to sun, pressure, rain etc. and the surface closes with time on its own.


Due to its natural surface, Sonnenleder leather can bleed slightly at the beginning. When first using your item, avoid contact and prolonged rubbing on light surfaces and textiles.

Scratches and pressure marks

Prevent contact with rough surfaces that could damage the leather.
Pressure marks on the surface can be lightened again by exerting a counterpressure on the inside. Slight scratches disappear when the leather is rubbed with a soft brush or cloth.
Dry areas that mainly occur during use on the bottom and corners of bags can be regreased with a colourless, natural leather grease.

Heat and moisture

Protect the leather against excessive heat and moisture.

White film

A white film can form on the surface of the leather at low temperatures. This is only grease which has crystallised. You can rub the grease in again with a soft cloth or soft brush.


Remove any dirt with a soft cloth or brush. Please do not use any additional cleaning agent.


Excessively high temperatures, high levels of moisture and unventilated storage areas can damage your leather item. An air-permeable linen or cotton bag is recommended to store bags. When stored for longer periods, the interior should be padded (with paper) to retain the shape of the bag. To this purpose, keep the original tissue paper used when the bag was purchased.
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