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Material & craftsmanship Unspoilt nature and traditional craftsmanship - these are the ingredients for true classics.

Our leather – a very special material

Carefully selected and traditionally tanned, our leather is a perfect blend of individual beauty and reliable durability.

Sonnenleder’s bags, accessories and balls are made from one of the most valuable raw materials – genuine natural leather. Only carefully selected southern German cowhides are used. They are a rarity and are some of the best available on the market. We obtain this valuable resource from suppliers with whom we have maintained excellent relations for decades. As soon as the leather arrives in our workshop, it is carefully sorted and classified – each piece is unique with its individual surface structure and beautiful shades of colour. The unique character is created by the purely plant-based pit tanning, a traditional, very gentle process carried out according to time-proven recipes. Genuine Sonnenleder leather is captivating with its fascinating colour nuances, natural surfaces, a special, velvety feel and a pleasant, subtle scent.

Genuine patina

Over time and with use, the patina develops on the surface of our leather. This is a true sign of authenticity, as a genuine patina can only evolve on high-quality, pure and preferably untreated natural leather. The less the surface is falsified, the more precious the leather becomes. When it has fully matured, it gives Sonnenleder bags, accessories and balls an unmistakable look. It relates its history and experiences – sun, rain and other stories from everyday life. Sonnenleder leather therefore becomes durable and a perfect, faithful companion in the most appealing way.

New natural leather

After exposure to rain / Patina development

  3. Patina

Craftsmanship worlds away from mass production

The history of Sonnenleder began in 1986 with the idea of creating unique and sustainable products from genuine natural leather. To this day the name Sonnenleder stands for the very best craftsmanship that gives pleasure and enjoyment for a very long time.

More about history & philosophy

Good things need time and attention

Every Sonnenleder product embodies our values which have been cultivated over the years – use of the best, carefully selected natural materials, traditional craftsmanship, longevity and care in the use of resources.

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