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Authentic and respectful

Traditional craftsmanship, authenticity and respect for natural resources — Sonnenleder creates unique, timeless objects with the awareness that good things last and can be enjoyed for a long time.

In 1986, in the age of steel and glass, our first products were made of the finest, genuine and traditionally tanned German leather that is alive, breathes and has its own unmistakable scent.

The leather has been tanned and processed with purely plant-based substances by regional tanners using traditional methods which have been handed down for generations. It changes, evolves and becomes more beautiful in everyday use under the influence of both sun and rain. When Sonnenleder was founded, it is almost as if it was already foreseeable at the time how important craftsmanship quality, sustainability and patina would be for the future.

Today the essence of Sonnenleder is still founded on a sense of responsibility, the search for authenticity and respect for natural resources. “We want our products to leave a positive, lasting impression. We see ourselves as part of a bigger picture, we understand the origin of things and the correlations. Today this is more important than ever,” says Andreas Morgenstern, who took over Sonnenleder and his legacy in 1996.

Sonnenleder creates timeless products. The more patina they have, the more beautiful they become. Each item therefore is testimony to the personal history of its owner and is a companion for life. This is the essence of natural luxury.


Sonnenleder products are all handcrafted. They are made of German leather, which is processed with traditional tanning skills passed down over seven generations. It is crafted to create items with an incomparable charisma and unique character.


Processing of natural leather requires a great deal of experience and skilled craftsmanship. Sonnenleder works with traditional techniques, creating very individual, timeless companions.


Andreas Morgenstern understands how important authenticity is in today’s world. With Sonnenleder he is bringing back the traditional high standards and values.

Good things need time and attention

Every Sonnenleder product embodies our values which have been cultivated over the years – use of the best, carefully selected natural materials, traditional craftsmanship, longevity and care in the use of resources.

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