Seat Ball 55

No 83130301

hand-sewn in Europe ∙ outside robust, pure Sonnenleder leather ∙ supplied with ball pump

  • Materials

    Leather from South German cowhides, tanned with purely plant-based substances, traditionally tanned in pits.
    High-quality rubber bladder with valve. Double-layer textile leather reinforcement on the inside.


Ø 55 cm
  1. patina_neu-klein_01
    Undyed natural leather
  2. patina_neu-klein_02
    Contact with moisture or sunlight
  3. patina_neu-klein_03
    The patina

You can’t buy patina

When it is used and comes into contact with environmental influences such as sun and rain, the leather initially becomes darker and subsequently acquires its characteristic patina – a surface that develops as part of the natural ageing process. The patina lends the leather its very own natural surface protection.

  1. Undyed natural leather
  2. Contact with moisture or sunlight / development of patina
  3. The patina

Craftsmanship worlds away from mass production

The history of Sonnenleder began in 1986 with the idea of creating unique and sustainable products from genuine natural leather. To this day the name Sonnenleder stands for the very best craftsmanship that gives pleasure and enjoyment for a very long time.

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Items that retain their appeal for a long time

With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your Sonnenleder leather for a long time to come.

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