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Sonnenleder sets its own standards when it comes to the terms real leather and quality – ever since the company was founded in 1986.

Real leather is precious, it is alive, it breathes and has its own scent. Attempts to imitate it fail because of these unique characteristics. The leather that we use at Sonnenleder has retained its natural character.

The essence of the traditional tanner’s craft is to preserve as much of this character as possible. To guarantee this, we only use leather that has been tanned with purely plant-based methods that are employed with the experience of seven generations and produced in Germany.


Sonnenleder quality guarantees the durability of selected materials, solid workmanship and the development of a unique patina on the surface of the leather. These special properties guarantee that your Sonnenleder companion becomes a distinctive and unique product.


Sonnenleder makes the fascination of real leather tanned with plant-based methods something that can be experienced.

Our wide range of products enriches everyday life and each item gives pleasure for many years. With them you can enjoy and make use of the natural advantages of real, natural leather over other materials.

We are committed to producing quality in an ecological spirit – our contribution to a healthy and worthwhile future.

Our passion is to develop unique, natural leather articles for people who appreciate something special. CEO/Andreas Morgenstern

Our products stand for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship

Selected materials, German tanning skill and traditional craftsmanship guarantee our first-class quality. It is important to us that our products give you lasting pleasure.

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