Our leather High-quality materials are the foundations of each classic design.

Our leather

Sonnenleder stands for gentle, purely plant-based finishing – selected cowhides from South Germany are tanned in compliance with an old, traditional recipe

You can recognise real Sonnenleder leather by its fascinating colour and surface structures, its feel and its pleasant scent – each item is unique.


The patina forms with time. When it has fully developed, it provides a uniform colour and means that the leather is resilient. The patina is proof of purity and the origin of our leather, similar to that on old family silver and copper roofs.

  1. patina_neu-klein_01

New natural leather

  2. patina_neu-klein_02

After exposure to rain / Patina development

  3. patina_neu-klein_03


You lend your Sonnenleder articles their unmistakable appearance with regular use.
In the same way as natural wood, Sonnenleder leather also has a unique character. The open-pored surface tells the story of the item and continues to evolve. Use, sun and rain change the colour.

The patina, a natural protection, forms on the leather.

Selected materials, crafted with skill down to the last detail

Sonnenleder sets its own standards when it comes to real leather and quality ever since the company was founded in 1986.

About our philosophy

Our products stand for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship

Selected materials, German tanning skill and traditional craftsmanship guarantee our first-class quality. It is important to us that our products give you lasting pleasure.

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